Supernova Andrew-Sadie
in NGC 695 Galaxy My Hero

open cluster

Supernova Andrew-Sadie
in NGC 695 - Galaxy My Hero

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Welcome to Supernova Andrew-Sadie,

Supernova Andrew-Sadie is located in NGC 695 Galaxy My Hero. Supernovae are the single most significant and cataclysmic phenomena in the universe. At the end of a star's life, the remaining nuclear materials explode with the light, power, and radiation of a billion suns. If you were look at Galaxy My Hero at the moment of stellar ignition, you would see a light inside the galaxy that is as bright as the entire galaxy for about 3 or 4 days. Supernova Andrew-Sadie is truly a stellar event of cosmic proportions!

For thousands of years from now, the expanding wavefront of energy will destroy stars, planets, and comets in its path. But that's not all. Supernova Andrew-Sadie is also a giver of life. The heavier elements that are the building blocks of life will be delivered to the rest of the galaxy from this exploding star. Without the iron and carbon from exploding stars like Supernova Andrew-Sadie, there would not be any life on Earth and certainly no possibility of life in Galaxy My Hero. Billions of years from now, the heavier elements from Supernova Andrew-Sadie will form into planets around stars in Open Cluster Alyssa-Bailey and other star systems in Galaxy My Hero.

This is the legacy of Supernova Andrew-Sadie.


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