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Custom Cosmic Gifts & Special Registrations

    "Thank you for your help in making a such a special gift for my husband. None of the star naming companies were willing to customize. And you were so friendly and helpful. I'm grateful for your time and patience in helping me create a perfect gift. He loves it!"

Martha Hale

Special registrations are one-of-a-kind celestial presents for those who are looking for a unique gift they cannot find anywhere else.

You can, in essence, "give" an astronomical object, such as a galaxy, star, supernova or nebula, as a gift and thereby assign a new and unique name to the object.

The gifting of a celestial object creates a personal relationship between the namer and the object, and by association, to the rest of the universe itself.

The naming of celestial objects does not change either their generic name nor their SAO number, NGC number, or other catalogue number.

Registration does assign a new additional name and invites the world to know it by its new name published on the web at the WPO galaxy registry.

So although celestial naming may appear to be only a form of personal honoraria, it is, in fact, a way for the astronomers at Windowpane Observatory to get more "civilians" (non-astronomers) to look up in the sky in wonder and become more interested in the vast, beautiful universe they live in.

Let us help you create a uniquely personal custom gift they won't forget.