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Why is the Hubble Space Telescope named after a lawyer who competitively boxed?
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Why didn't Einstein receive a Nobel Prize for the Theory of Relativity?

How did a patent clerk develop the theory of relativity?

Was the Father of Relativity really a bad student?

How do you talk a reluctant railroad tycoon into building the largest refracting telescope?

Which astronomer helped to build both the largest refractor and largest reflector of the first half of the 20th century?

How did the best-known predictor of the future use astronomy?

What do the head of the Nazi Atom Bomb Project and the father of quantum physics have in common?

What's constant about the Hubble Constant?

How did the discoverer of galaxies become the toast of Hollywood, upstaging even Einstein?

Why is the Hubble Space Telescope named after a lawyer who competitively boxed?

What's uncertain in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle?

How did the Nobel Prize-winning "father of quantum mechanics" wind up heading the nazi atomic bomb project?

How a catalog of meaningless celestial objects became a treasure trove for astronomers.

Why did a professional musician create galaxy catalog numbers that are still in use today?

What does Frankenstein and the man who discovered Uranus have in common?

Why Newton invented the reflecting telescope and why he died of mercury poisoning.

Why an argument between two great mathematicians kept the English from understanding and utilizing calculus for decades.

What do the Bubonic Plague, a nervous breakdown, and failing as a farmer have to do with the greatest scientific publication of all time?

Copernicus did not "revolutionize" astronomy

How did Galileo and Jupiter upset 2,000 years of astronomy?

How Kepler proved that the planets revolve around the Sun, using the mathematics of a man with a metal nose!

A reluctant astrologer turned astronomer