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So you want to see a total solar eclipse. You should! It's an amazing experience you'll never forget. A solar eclipse is an excellent time to plan a vacation.

Our solar eclipse trip advisor has been giving in-depth eclipse travel advice for 20 years. As an experienced eclipse traveler, he has first-hand knowledge about what to do and what to avoid. As an astronomer with connections to the global astronomy community, he has insider tips and info about what sites and eclipse activities are available.

Starting from exactly where you live, anywhere on Earth, this is a travel guide and trip advisor personalized just for you - all in a 20 minute phone call. No such service exists anywhere else on Earth!
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Testimonials for our total eclipse advisory service:

For less than $25 I was saved from losing hundreds of dollars buying the wrong eclipse telescope!
    - Leslie M., Total Eclipse August 11, 1999 in Croatia

I got all my science questions about the eclipse answered in plain easy to understand language.
   - Juliet V., Total Eclipse August 1, 2008 in Russia

My camera and lenses were too powerful to use on the Sun - astronomers at WPO got me working at the right focal length and magnification.
   - Xavier R., Total Eclipse July 22, 2009 in China

Thanks to this service we not only saved hundreds on food and lodging but actually wound up in a much better spot.
   - Fernando, S., Total Eclipse November 13, 2012 in Australia