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2017 Solar Eclipse Astronomer Consultation
2017 Solar Eclipse Astronomer Consultation Discounts Apply !
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Starting from exactly where you live, anywhere on Earth, this is a travel guide and trip advisor personalized just for you - all in a 15 minute phone call. No such service exists anywhere else on Earth!
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Testimonials for our total eclipse advisory service:

For less than $25 I was saved from losing hundreds of dollars buying the wrong eclipse telescope!
    - Leslie M., Total Eclipse August 11, 1999 in Croatia

I got all my science questions about the eclipse answered in plain easy to understand language.
   - Juliet V., Total Eclipse August 1, 2008 in Russia

My camera and lenses were too powerful to use on the Sun - astronomers at WPO got me working at the right focal length and magnification.
   - Xavier R., Total Eclipse July 22, 2009 in China

Thanks to this service we not only saved hundreds on food and lodging but actually wound up in a much better spot.
   - Fernando, S., Total Eclipse November 13, 2012 in Australia