ET Planet Finder Package

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Name a Galaxy ET Planet Finder Package
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The ET Planet Finder Package includes
  • our popular ET Planet Finder Kit that shows how to find the closest habitable planets in the night sky
  • a cyber voyage to Mars
  • stunning slide show of Mars' fascinating terrain, such as:
  • a personal signed letter from our Chief Astronomer
  • a full color star chart showing the location of your galaxy in the night sky
  • a framable certificate, available in your choice of 4 styles
name a galaxy galaxy certificate

Galaxy & Stars

name a galaxy standard certificate

Standard Certificate

name a galaxy roses certificate

Pink Roses

name a galaxy father certificate

Father & Son

Price: $79.95
 This is the date that will appear on the certificate. It can be any date of your choice, such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday.
Certificate Style Your choice of 4 certificate styles in 8.5" x 11" format. Click here to see samples.
Galaxy & Stars
Standard Certificate
Pink Roses
Father & Child
Galaxy Location Galaxies in the Northern Hemisphere can be seen north of the equator. Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere can be seen south of the equator.
Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
Hubble Slide Show
Send Hubble Show on CD (+$3.95)
Send Hubble Show via Email
ET Planet Finder Kit
Send ET Planet Finder Kit on CD (+$4.95)
Send ET Planet Finder Kit via Email
Personal Dedication Deliver your personal message on a beautiful Personal Dedication Web Page, designed for her or him.
Personal Dedication Page (+$19.95)
Do not add Personal Dedication Page
Cyber Delivery Want it there fast? We will cyber-deliver your gift package on an attractive download page.
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Popular Name a Galaxy Package Features:

voyage to mars
Voyage to Mars

hubble telescope show
Hubble Telescope Slide Show

et planet finder
Extraterrestrial Planet Finder Kit

dedication page
Personal Dedication Page

rotating star map
Rotating Star Map

Name a Galaxy Certificate Styles:

name a galaxy certificate
Galaxy Certificate
11" x 8.5"

name a galaxy certificate
Standard Certificate
11" x 8.5"

rose certificate
Roses Certificate
8.5" x 11"

fathers day presents
Father & Child Certificate
with custom message
8.5" x 11"

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