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2019 Dark Skies Star Guide
2019 Dark Skies Star Guide Discounts Apply !
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Ever look up at night and wonder what’s there?
Here’s a monthly guide to the celestial splendors of a dark night sky.

Our 2019 Star Guide is perfect for any area in the Northern Hemisphere where you can get away from city lights. This guide was written here at the observatory in Ajo, AZ.

This is a beginner's book for anyone who wants find their zodiacal sun sign in the Night Sky, learn when to observe meteor showers, and how to find many cosmic mysteries up in the heavens with just your own eyes or an ordinary pair of binoculars.

No science or math background required. Fun and easy to read charts, diagrams, and large text you can read easily in the dark with a flashlight. There's even a detailed explanation of how to see the International Space Station - an object brighter than Venus!
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