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2018 Dark Skies Calendar
2018 Dark Skies Calendar Discounts Apply !
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We put Pluto back in the solar system!
Gorgeous 2018 wall calendar, featuring the 9 original planets

Our 2018 Dark Skies Calendar written here at the observatory in Ajo, AZ puts Pluto back in the Solar System where it belongs. Learn about the Pluto controversy and how it was possible to demote Pluto as a planet even though the New Horizons Pluto Probe had not yet even arrived. Pictures from the New Horizons prove that Pluto indeed belongs in the Solar System. We explore this controversy with the facts and let you decide. (Read the article)

In addition to stunning views and explanations of the planets and which month is best to see them in the sky, this Solar System calendar marks the dates of the brightest and most important meteor showers for each month.
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